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Coin Keeper


Do you keep putting your loose change in "the pot" to save for a rainy day?Do you then have to sit and count it to know how much is there?
This little app will put an end to that ... every time you drop some change in "the pot", use the app to keep track of each coin denomination and you'll know in an instant how much you've stashed away ... You'll even know at a glance if you've got enough of a coin denomination for "bagging up" to bank or cash-in (it'll be highlighted in green).
It'll keep track of up to £999.99 in loose change, but I can guess no-one will let it get that high and you'll probably bank it way before that point anyway :)
The app can be protect by a "PIN", to stop prying eyes seeing the value of your coin savings. By default, the "PIN" isn't set, so, if you set it, DON'T forget it!
For extra security, everything is stored locally on the device you install it on.
The app is configured for UK users, and so the coins displayed are of UK coins. In theory, if your country has similar values of coins (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 etc), then it could be useful in your country too.